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Creating mechanisms
for innovation

Innovation one challenge:
in-house ideas competition



Planning and execution support
of in-house idea competition

The necessity for creation of new business for the purpose of innovation is widely recognized by any corporation but there are few corporations who have in place a mechanism that allows continuous creation of new business ideas. So i.lab, with the basis of innovation consulting experience in a variety of industries, supports human resource development for organizations and mechanisms that will allow the most appropriate and continuous new business creation in-house for clients.
Support method takes many forms, depending on the client. For example, as support for SCSK Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter SCSK http://www.scsk.jp), an IT services company, we plan and support execution of the “Innovative One Challenge” (called “Innovation One Grand-Prix” until 2014), an in-house idea competition that started in 2010.

Process Design

Design of sustainable process
with only in-house resources

In this support which is intended to manage the contest so that it continues after the support ends, during the initial stage of the contest, the idea recruitment phase will design a workshop process to generate ideas, and implement facilitation.
The workshop for ideas creation, without relying too much on facilitation, will be designed to improve the quality of the idea in the process. And, after i.lab, as a model implements the facilitation, the SCSK secretariat members who are hosting and directing the Innovation One Challenge will take a step to implement a series of facilitation. As a result, after i.lab, the external advisor leaves, a mechanism that allows high quality management to remain has been installed in the company.


Mentoring for enhancing the business potential
and feasibility of an idea

n the second half, for the ideas that passed the selection, we were involved as external advisors to brush up and arrange the research destination of the idea contents for the final presentation to be provided to the executive officers.
Each of the published ideas received high praise from the evaluation team. Especially when compared to the previous year when support from external advisors from i.lab did not exist, we have received a comment that "clearly the reality of the idea, concreteness has improved”.
In addition, after the contest, in providing an occasion for reviewing together with the SCSK secretariat members, we established the learning process about management, and also provided continuous support for the organization, mechanism and workforce building for the creation of high quality new businesses.
In the future, i.lab, in addition to supporting the creation of cutting-edge cases, aims to utilize the synergy of this innovation management. In other words, open up the unexplored vanguard, not only to acquire practical knowledge related to new business creation, but to fill the spaces once it is open, and allow everyone to pass by this road.

* Since there are many confidential matters in the project content,
there are some contents that are different from the actual details.